How To Pass The MOT Test Easily?

It is of utmost importance as a vehicle owner to ensure that your car passes the MOT tests carried out annually, especially if you are residing in the UK. Each and every vehicle dealer in the UK advise their customers that before appearing in the MOT test, they conduct a thorough examination of some crucial aspects! This gives your vehicle the best chance of cracking the test with flying colors. Plus, it also saves you valuable time and shredding down unnecessary expenses.


It Takes Just A Minute Or Two:

Frankly speaking, it is seen that that about 1.5 million cars fail to clear their yearly MOT test. The results were even surprising when a survey conducted in the UK revealed that most of the cases were mainly due to minor types ofthreads, faulty bulbs, and even empty windscreen washing bottles. This just highlights the negligence of car owners, especially when all it takes is a minute or two to inspect their cars.

The Things You Should Check Before Appearing For Your MOT Test UK

 So if you have your Mot test date approaching soon, and you want to a no objection certificate from the inspectors, then here are some things which you should check out.

  1. Start with the indicators as well as the headlights and check that everything such as the rear lights, the side lights, the headlights as well as indicators are functioning properly.
  2. Check out the brakes and ask a friend to accompany you in the task. Assign him the task of keeping an eye on the rear brake lights and whether it is coming on or not- this also accompanies the supplementary strip lights. Also, reverse back to a reflecting object such as a window or garage door and see behind you to check it out.
  3. Ensure your number plate is legible as well as tidy. If not, then use a piece of cloth and wipe the dust and debris which is formed over its surface. The spacing and font of the letters should also match with the UK law requirements for it to be cleared in the MOT test.
  4. The wheels and the types must also be in proper condition. The normal depth of a tireto be considered legal is 1.6mm, and those less than that leads to failure in the UK MOT test. So if you have doubts, contact the local car expert and ask for advice.
  5. The seats, as well as the seatbelts, must be adjusted to the front and back easily and each seat belt in the vehicle should be proper. So fasten your seat belts to check if they fasten as well as loosen up easily. Plus, also check if they react to sudden brakes the way it is supposed to. When something goes wrong, these seat belts protect your lives and at the MOT test, such inspections will be made.
  6. The windscreen should not have damages wider than 10mm and larger than 40mm. Otherwise, it will lead to failure in the MOT test. So examine the view from the inside of your car for such damages.
  7. The wipers ensure that your windscreen remains clear and so you should check for holes or tears in the wiper rubber.
  8. Other aspects such as filling up the screen wash bottle, making sure that your car is filled with ample fuel as well as engine oil and checking if your horn is honking loud and clear, is important.


Making sure of all these things will allow your car to pass the MOT UK test without running into any bottlenecks.

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