How Can You Benefit By Having A Provisional Driving License In The UK?

Considering the strict legal regulations concerning the UK roads, a provisional driving license allows you the permission to drive on UK roads without clearing the driving test. However, you will be under the supervision of your very own driving coordinator or another fellow driver such as your dad or a friend who is above 21 years of age and who himself owns a fully registered driving license for a minimum period of three years. This license will be needed at the time of your theory test, at the time of your driving test, your first driving lesson and also hazard perception.


In Order To Be Eligible For A Provisional Driving License:

  • You need to be a citizen of UK
  • You must have adequate eyesight and should be able to read standardized number plates from a distance of around 20 m either with naked eyes or with glasses or contact lenses.
  • And you will have to apply for such provisional licenses about two months before your 17th birthday

According to the UK regulations, every provisional driving license must be issued in EU formats mainly a plastic photo card along with a paper counterpart. However, older formats will be accepted, but if upgrades are needed, then the authorities will either replace it or renew it completely.

The Benefits Of Owning Such Provisional Driving Licenses:

    1. Having a provisional driving license is important as it will give you the permission to drive on UK roads till you learn all the mechanisms of driving and pass the test. In order to master driving, you will need to drive, and practice and these licenses will prove to be a great benefit for you.
    2. These licenses will give you the permission to move to other European countries, even if you have a state license. As you state license will not work in different European states, your provisional driving license will act as the main mode of maneuverability.
    3. Having such licenses decreases the possibilities of misrepresentation.
    4. It ensures a cut in impersonation at the time of driving examinations.
    5. This license is proof that you fall in the appropriate age group for driving and also that you are eligible for a certified state license soon.
    6. The most important benefit is that these provisional driving licenses reduce the possibilities of an individual carrying more than a single license by design or by mistake/accident.

  1. Having possession of a provisional driving license reduces your chances of undergoing accidents. With these licenses, you will drive less and also will be under supervision, and hence the chances of accidents taking place are a minimum.
  2. You will also be able to get a good policy from the insurance companies. You will drive with an experienced driver at all times, and hence it makes sense putting that to your benefit. You might be able to get a discount on your policy. With this, you can begin formulating your no claims discounts, and that will assist in reducing the insurance expenses in the near future.

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