Driver’s Vehicle License Theory Test – What You Should Consider

For people who want to get a driving license for themselves, it is mandatory that they take a Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency Test, or to put in short – a DVLA test. It is a necessary thing for anyone who wants to drive a vehicle legally and travel within the boundaries of United Kingdom. It is entirely theoretical in nature and is divided into 2 main segments:

  • A multiple choice question format.
  • Perception test based on different kinds of hazards.


Study Material

Passing the test, especially the MCQ portion of the test is very easy to be fair if you have had loads of practice. In fact, you will find tons of material that are appropriate for allowing you to do so. The simplest way to do so is to obtain them from online test facilities. It is needless to say that passing the theory exam is crucial since they will not allow you to sit in the practical without it.

Usually, 2-3 practice papers on MCQ formats should be good enough for you to prepare yourself. Passing the test itself is very easy and doing it with practice is even easier. You should be able to crack the test with flying colors. The hazards section is also equally important for the person giving the test. They can also be familiarized with by looking at such samples.

Theory Tests

An established online test center can reduce a lot of stress when preparing for such an exam. This is because they provide the person with a much-needed practice for the official test. All the tests that are posted on the website are updated as early as possible. You will even find old theory questions being sold around in the market on DVD’s.

  • Knowledge of road signs and the hazards involved during driving are also equally important for passing the test. This is the part that can get very tricky since there are well over 800 different signs used on the roads.
  • While memorizing all of them is nearly impossible, knowing the most important ones usually gets the job done just fine. After all, a safe driver must know how to read road signs.

Online Test Centres

When looking for an online test center, you will find yourself with a variety of options. There are ones that are completely free of charge and as such, doing not even cost you a dime. But most of the times, such free tests lack real depth and quality, unlike their paid-for counterparts. As such, you might want to avoid those for something better.

Any reputed test center will charge you some amount of fee for taking their tests. This is usually a pretty low price, and it comes with tests on both of the above-mentioned subjects. Do be aware of some private test centersthat will tend to charge you more than they should in order to make a profit and try to call up DVLA Contact numbers to get know of the process or any other queries. Retaking an examination is also very much possible, but that would require repayment of fees.